New Cogeneration Event to Debut in the USA

New Brunswick — The Cogeneration Channel announced that the first conference ever in the United States dedicated entirely to cogeneration will take place in New Brunswick, New Jersey, on November 2. The first annual Cogeneration Day USA will feature talks from industry experts and influencers and will include a nearby plant tour. Cogeneration, also known as “combined heat and power” (CHP), is a technology that reduces energy costs, helps build a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly industrial infrastructure, and improves the public image of the companies that are able to implement it.

“Cogeneration is poised for tremendous growth in the United States, thanks to ongoing advances in CHP technology, renewal of the Business Energy Investment Tax Credit, and an increasing push for CHP among regulators,” stated Cogeneration Channel. “Cogeneration Day USA will make history this November, as the first event dedicated to this revolutionary technology. We invite everyone interested in learning how cogeneration can benefit their organization to take part.”

Attendees include users of natural gas, biogas, and special gas industries, as well as energy advisors, policymakers, opinion makers, energy associations, engineering firms, energy investing funds, and energy utilities.

With the typical method of separate centralized electricity generation and on-site heat generation, more than half of all thermal energy is lost as excess heat (45% efficiency). CHP attempts to productively use that heat, sometimes reaching an efficiency of up to 80%. By doubling the share of energy created by CHP plants in the USA, it would be feasible to lower greenhouse gas emissions by 600 million metric tons of CO2 — resulting in a tremendous positive impact on the environment.

Cogeneration Day USA will explore how CHP can be implemented as a viable option to improve energy efficiency and gain cost savings. The event will also promote collaboration by providing attendees with the opportunity to network with other industry experts and influencers, and will conclude with a CHP plant visit to Aria Health Hospital in Philadelphia.

Register to attend Cogeneration Day USA here or visit for more information on the event.


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