The New Normal of Absorption Chiller Operation & Maintenance

“Broad U.S.A. is committed to the Absorption Marketplace – It is our primary business since we started in 1988.” – Zhang Yue, Chairman of Broad Group
Broad USA had the opportunity to host two seminars in one day at The Con Edison Learning Center. It was a great turn out as we have our end users and local service companies attend this event. Overall, it was a very educational course where attendees were able to learn the functionality of the absorption chiller. It’s really hard to share all the information about the absorption chiller, but our short course allowed attendees to understand the basic functionality and maintenance for a chiller.Mr.Kevin Fu, our Deputy General Manager explained about the Principal of Absorption Chiller, Configuration of Broad Chiller, Control system and Troubleshooting.Mr. Dezhi Yang, our Service Manager explained the standard service and maintenance for our Broad Chillers.

We have two guest speaker, Michelle Isolde from Con Edison Steam and Gita Subramanian from ERS explaining the government incentive programs for end users to these non electric chillers.


Seminar Outline: icon-pdf-transparent-small

In this course attendees will learn:

  • Overview US Absorption Market
  • General Absorption Technology
  • Configuration of Broad Chillers & Unique New Technology
  • New Service Training Topics
  • Electrical & PLC Control System Operation
  • Troubleshooting- Diagnosing Faults
  • Eddy Current Testing & Analysis
  • Epoxy Coating – A PM Procedure
  • Tube Cleaning & Replacement
  • LiBr Solution Sample & Analysis
  • Gasket Replacement
  • Burner/Valve Calibration & Operation