Broad USA Service Scope

Broad USA Service is equipped to provide the highest in professional maintenance services at reasonable costs. Absorption chiller no matter what the brand, type, age or size of the facility including Chiller Startup, Field Assembly, Commissioning, PM Service, Premium Package Service, Warranty, Troubleshooting & Repair, Tube Cleaning, HVAC Installation, Building Automation and Mechanical Room Renovation. We do all of this while providing complete customer satisfaction, total system responsibility, improve comfort, safety, performance and energy efficiency throughout the life cycle of your assets.

Extensive coverage of 4 service locations throughout the US with the backing of factory support.

  1. Absorption Chiller Startup, Field Assembly & Commissioning:
    Performed by factory trained professionals, deliver smooth, uninterrupted startup; create safer, more productive environments for the people and processes inside your building.
  2. Planned Maintenance and Predictive & Diagnostic:
    Offers a variety of customized  PM programs and strategies, performed by highly skilled technical experts or dedicated technicians, reduce unexpected down time,  reduce operational costs, maintain high efficiency.
  3. Overhaul Parts Replacement Maintenance:
    Provide replacement of wear and aged vacuum valves, vacuum seals, safety devices, electrical parts etc. while keeping machine in high vacuum stage to run at most efficiency, increasing asset life and reliable building operation.
  4. Testing and Analysis:
    Solution analysis detects the presence of contaminants, particles, chemical balancing, prevents catastrophic failures and increases equipment reliability.Tube Eddy Current testing is a way to detect the corrosion, erosion, potential wear in tubes, this affordable NTD testing can insure the tubes will meet the chiller’s whole life cycle.Ultrasonic leak testing is to identify the root causes of the equipment’s vessel problems and reduce energy waste and interruptions
  5. Inspection, Troubleshooting and Repair:
    Mission-critical services performed by skilled technical experts dedicated to reliable building operations, field inspection, diagnostic and repair the problem, developed for individual facility needs.
  6. Premium Coverage Program:
    Integrate with chiller remote monitoring, provides fixed cost service or full warranty to critical assets and large investments through routine maintenance and unexpected repair coverage, giving you added peace of mind.
  7. Remote & Building Automation System:
    Provides a dedicated team to design and build Building automation and controls, HVAC equipment, CHP plant Lighting, Electrical systems, Refrigeration and more. Help to better operate your facility in more reliability and efficiency, we can enhance this service with remote troubleshooting and diagnostics to get to the root cause of problems faster and solve them more quickly, 24 hours 7 days a week.
  8. CHP Plant Control:
    Provide a dedicated team to design CHP plant Monitor and control. Ensure every piece of equipment work together seamlessly, safe, reliable and high efficiency, calculate energy cost to control CHP system start and stop; generator set and mechanical “balance of plant” systems control(e.g. pumps, valves, radiators and heat exchangers)  Heat recovery and Cooling equipment and facility’s HVAC system, electrical systems and utility interconnections. Vital equipment data and operating parameters to be continuously monitored and transmitted throughout the system—and made easily accessible and understandable to the plant’s operators.
  9. HVAC Turnkey Service:
    We offer HVAC equipment, Water pumps, Air handlers, Cooling towers, HVAC design and installation, renovation, retrofitting, commissioning, plumbing and electrical services, emergency and renovation, and turn-key mechanical equipment replacement, including Leasing and Financing options.
  10. Additional Service:
    Field water box Epoxy coating, Tube bundle replacement, Leak hunting, LiBr solution cleaning and regeneration, LiBr solution disposal, Absorption chiller training, Broad factory operation and engineering training.

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